Gel Nails & Nail Art

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Gel Nails & Nail Art

from 0.20

Individual Nail (for one that always breaks) 15mins £5.00 each

Silk Nail Repair To repair a cracked nail 10mins £5.00

Individual Rebalance / Infill 15mins £5.00 each

Individual Removal 15mins £3.50 each

Nail Embellishments from 20p each

Gelicure  45-60mins £30.00

Gelicure Plus Leopard print, polka dots, embellishments! 75-90mins £40.00 or £2.50 per nail (add on to Gelicure price)

Soak Off £10.00 or £5.00 if done with a manicure/hot oil treatment.

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The beauty of gel is that it will not chip, smudge or flake, and there is zero drying time. Perfect for holidays! 

Please note that nails must be free of gel / acrylic etc before coming for a gel nail treatment. We will not remove or carry on from another technician's work due to insurance policies.

Please be understanding of this.

Individual Nail

For the one that always breaks. Maximum of 4.

15mins      £5.00 each


Silk Nail Repair

To repair a cracked nail.

10mins      £5.00 if not during a gel nail treatment


Individual Rebalance / Infill

15mins     £5.00 each


Individual Removal

15mins    £3.50 each


Nail Embellishments    from 20p each


Gelicure - fingers or toes

The gel that goes on like a polish

Nubar's Gelicure is a gel varnish that protects the nail and promotes healthy nail growth. Cured in just 30 seconds with an LED light, it is immediately dry and does not chip, smudge or fade for 2-3 weeks on fingers and 4-6 weeks on toes! Curing so quickly, this means it takes no longer than having a normal manicure, and will be completely dry!

We have over 60 different colours for you to choose from, including French, and can incorporate diamantes and decals from as little as 20p each.

As strong as overlays, but as easy as polish!


Nail and cuticle tidy followed by your choice of Gelicure colour.

45-60mins    £30.00


Gelicure Plus

Gelicure with a twist! Who wants plain nails when you can have fun? Leopard print, polka dots...or even a few

embellishments! Whatever your heart desires.

75-90mins     £40.00 or £2.50 per nail (add on to Gelicure price)


Soak Off - only for nails applied by Utopia therapists

15-20mins     FREE with next Gelicure appointment,£10.00 if done alone, or £5.00 if done with a manicure/hot oil treatment.